Melela for Poultry.


The poultry industry was our first target market for Melela and much of our original investigation and research work was done with broiler chickens and our original AfC (Aromatherapy for Chickens) product.

We chose broiler chickens to start with because results are measurable from 35 to 42 days - a relatively short period of time when it comes to product development. Details of some of our findings are on the results page of this website.

Some very impressive results can be achieved when using the Melela range of products with broiler chickens.

Melela barn spray is essential for broilers and should be used in conjunction with the Drinking Water Tonic for young chicks, followed by the Melela Granules from about 14 days onwards.

Benefits should be noticeable within three weeks and at maturity significantly higher PEF values will be achieved. Profitable productivity increases of over 5% are usually easy to achieve with the Melela range.

Melela Products improve the PEF of Laying Hens

Melela Granules at 1% of feed mass (more than this makes them too fat!) should be used for laying hens. Hens lay more eggs, bigger eggs and stronger eggs.

After a two week adaptation period, laying rate is up 3.7% and egg mass up 3.5% with an increased shell thickness of 1.7% giving lower breakage rates.

Some egg producers also use the Melela Barn Spray, applied over the droppings, to improve odours and control flies.

Melela is great for Ostrich Farmers too

Melela seems to control “red gut”, a common problem for the ostrich and normally high mortality is reduced to almost zero. Growth rates are much, much better too.

If you farm ostrich and are interested in the Melela philosophy we would like to do some trials with you.


Melela gives your animals what they need most….

the very best from nature, naturally!


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