Melela for Horses.

Naturally you love your horses.

Instinctively you know that healthy horses love Melela.


What is Melela?

A Zulu word for “protect” and the name of our leading brand of equine care products that encompass everything that is good about nature;

purity, perfection, abundance, growth,
beauty, balance, health,
energy and serenity.

Melela incorporates a feed supplement, drinking water tonic and stable spray, which balance the body and its environment in perfect harmony.

Why do I need Melela?

Horses are highly attuned to nature and they love her perfect balance. Let Melela empower your horses to freely develop their full physical and emotional potential in a natural, balanced environment without any interference from chemicals, pesticides and drugs.

How is it made?

Melela is a naturally fermented product containing pure aromatherapy oils, edible vegetable extracts and a “live” probiotic culture of Effective Micro-organismsä that are all biodynamically mixed in energised water using Flowformä and Light Life Ringä technology. 

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in laboratory tests at the Agricultural Research Centre in Onderstepoort, Gauteng and practically at stables in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The probiotic culture is registered as an organic feed (Reg. No. V16904) and certified by SGS (SGS OPS/06/64) for plant and animal use as an organic medium. EcoCert: 2207ZA0600n1e



Melela gives your horses what they need most….

the very best from nature, naturally!


Contact: Julie or Bob