Melela for our Environment.


Melela is about balance, inside and out.... about the macro-cosm reflecting the micro-cosm. That is why Melela has many beneficial spin-offs across the broad spectrum of our endeavours.


Immediate Environment

Inside, the intestines are balanced with Melela Drinking Water Tonic and Melela Granules. This enhances health and well being.

Outside, the living environment is balanced with Melela Barn Spray which controls bad odours, flies and germs. This enhances a stress free well being.


Farm-wide Environment

When Melela is used, livestock effluent is sweet smelling,free of pathogens and populated with beneficial micro-organisms. It has a low biological oxygen demand (BOD) and zero chemical oxygen demand (COD).

This all means that it composts easily and in some cases can be used for manure immediately without fear of polluting fields, streams, rivers and dams.

The good guys (beneficial bacteria) populate your farm, suppressing pathogens and fixing atmospheric nitrogen to produce natural fertilizer.


Global Environment

The benefits of Melela spread even further afield helping to protect the global environment as the good guys (beneficial bacteria) spread throughout the land.

Meanwhile methane (a greenhouse gas contributing almost 20% to global warming) production in livestock gut, especially from rumen fermentation, is dramatically reduced when Melela is added to the feed.  

So not only does Melela give you get better feed conversion ratios, it even helps reduce global warming!


Melela gives our environment what is needed mostů.

the very best from nature, naturally!


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